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Wildflowers, Waves, and Peaks

Exploring our island home.

Over the years Fossil beach has been our goto beach for family outings. We enjoyed our time there so much we generally drove past many other places worth of exploration, such as Pasagshak Point. This weekend includes a visit to our family favorite, Fossil Beach, but also new adventures including Surfer's Beach and Marin Ridge.

Fossil Beach / Narrow Cape Loop

This was our second trip out to Narrow Cape in the last month. The ridge above the beach is a great viewing place for Wildflowers and Whales. The wildflowers are just now coming on so a return trip in a couple of weeks will be in order. From the top of the ridge you can see the grey whales spouting and often the sound of their breath carries to you reminding you that these sea dwelling cetaceans share the same air as ourselves.

Over the next few weeks this place will explode with color

Surfer's Beach

"Why?" That was the question we kept asking ourselves as we walked the length of surfer's beach, "Why have we not explored this beach before?" For over 20 years our family has been driving right past this special place to get to our Fossil Beach hangout. Whales, eagles, waves, and over a mile and a half of uninterrupted beach walking. This beach rivals anything you might find in the Olympic National Park.

Marin Ridge

We just learned about Marin Ridge a year ago. Although there is a parking spot nearby, the trail-head is not marked and the beginning of the trail is more suited for a dedicated hunter. The first third of a mile feels straight up and in a few weeks will be through a tunnel of salmon berries and pushkie. After breaking out of the brush the trail ambles steadily upward along the ridge util you get to the peak which requires a bit of a scramble before you get to a broad summit that provides and extraordinary 360 degree view. In the distance you will spot Pasagshak, the City of Kodiak and the Sacramento River Valley.

After breaking out of the overgrowth you encounter your first look at the surrounding terrain

The summit is the rounded peak just left of center

Pasagshak in the distance

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