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Trip Planning: It’s Part of the Fun

Updated: Jan 12, 2020

Admittedly, I have the travel bug bad. So, bad that I spend a lot of my free time scheming up my next trip. Roy & I enjoy doing this together. Yesterday, our kids were all out of the house for a few hours, and we grilled dinner and started talking about our hopes for next summer.

Before we knew it we had cleared off part of the dining room table, poured some drinks, turned on Cat Stevens, and stretched out a map of Spain and Portugal. Not long after that we were scrounging the bookshelves for our walking guides, world atlas, googling destinations, and talking over each other with ideas.

Why are these places calling us back? Not the same trails that we walked a few summers ago, but the other routes. The places we said, “When we come back let’s...” or “You know I’d really like to walk along the sea...”

The world‘s a big place. Why go back to Scotland, Spain, Portugal? Shouldn’t we go to a country we have not been to before? Well, we will, but first we gotta walk the coast, and Ben Nevis is calling. So, for a few walkers that don’t like to backtrack here we are dreaming about going back. (Written by Crystal Thomas)

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