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Tony Knowels Coastal Trail - cycling

Just like riding a bike.

It has been over 21 years since I last rode more than than a mile on a bicycle. That ride was a low point in my life's journey. Crystal and I were spending the summer in Fairbanks while she sought a teaching position, a decision that would ultimately bring us to Kodiak, and I worked nights at Fred Meyer. We bought the most bike we could afford for me to ride to work. It was at that time in my life that my weight crossed the 300 pound mark. I was physically able to ride that bike, the bike was not able to support me. I tried all the options but in the end the tires would not keep air. Truly a low point. Having lost nearly 100lbs following the Code Red Lifestyle I am enjoying many opportunities that I previously had to bow out of.

After my invigorating hike up Flattop Mountain this week I was inspired to step out and try a bicycle adventure.

Downtown Bicycle is conveniently located just a few blocks from the trail. After a painless orientation I was on my way.

I anticipated a physical challenge, what I didn't anticipate was an emotional response. After living 20 years without the ability to do something the joy I felt in those first few moments was more than tangible.

The trail is well marked, and well maintained.

There are mile markers each half mile.

It doesn't take long to get you first views of Cook Inlet

There is frequent informative signage.

Moose in Alaska injure more people than bears. If you are not familiar with being around moose stop and inform yourself.

Cranes are a unique bird.

The 1964 earthquake and tsunami changed Anchorage and Alaska forever.

Stop and smell the roses. Rosa Rugosa is very fragrant.

The trail winds through spruce, birch, and a variety of othe plants and trees. Devil's club is one of my favorite plants.

Moose in the brush feeding.

This big bull paid no attention to me. I also passed a number of cow moose along the way.

This is roughly the end of the trail. Kincaid Park is full of bike trails of all sorts including mountain bike paths. I chose the alternate route, recommend by the bike rental atore staff, back because it took me by the airport.

Anchorage is the fifth busiest cargo aircraft airport in the World. With current travel restrictions there were times when it was one of the busiest airports in the world.

Lake hood is the busiest sea plane base in the world.

Yeild to aircraft crossing or on the road.

You wont find the AN 124 on the road. The 124 is the "smaller" sibling of the AN 225

FedEx operates an international hub in Anchorage.

The final four miles back to Anchorage fly by.

This is certainly a don't miss activity when visiting Anchorage, Alaska.

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