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Short Stays

Just a couple of days? Pre-planning can maximize your visit.

In the 90s my employment had me working 6 days a week in the summer. In exchange I had weekends off during the rugby season.

That meant three months with single day weekends. What is an adventurer to do? Plan and maximize. During those weekends I would drive as far as I could after work on a Saturday and spend all of the next Sunday driving back and adventuring. Sometimes that meant a day hike in the North Cascades.

Or a lengthy road trip from Bellevue, Washington to Brandon, Oregon.

I would then sleep in my car or in a tent and spend the next day meandering my way back home.

Our 2020 adventure has a few of these short stays. At the beginning and end of our trip we have two days in Iceland.

Fort William in the UK has a 2-3 day stay,

Malaga 4 days,

Lisbon and Porto each 2 Days..

These short stays are actually the most difficult of all to plan. The most challenging part of planning short stays is recognizing that you may never be returning to this place again.

So we plan.

Our Iceland plan includes a rental car and tent camping.

Malaga includes a trip to Gibraltar.

Lisbon includes custard tarts

And Oporto includes Francesinha

We are only beginning our 2020 planing. What would you see and do?

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