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Review- 10|40 Leather

In a world of discount prices and mass produced disposable goods there remains craftsmen creating fine crafted products meant to last a lifetime.

10|40 Leather creates handcrafted leather products from top quality materials that are constructed by a skilled craftsman. I have known this craftsman his whole life as he is my nephew. I received me first piece before there was a 10|40 Leather, when leather work was a hobby for him. I asked him if he would create for me a journal cover that would also hold my passport and pilgrim credential for my Camino de Santiago in 2015. He not only was able, he created something beautiful.

This beautiful journal and passport piece has made its way across Spain twice, England, Scotland and many other journeys. The Kodiak leather has developed a beautiful natural patina.

This past summer while traveling through the Seattle area before hiking the Chilkoot Trail my nephew surprised me with a new journal cover for my 50th birthday.

This journal rode in the thigh pocket of my hiking pants over the Chilkoot Trail, creating a unique wear that amplifies the beauty of this peice

This journal traveled the length of the Chilkoot Trail this past summer and was with me to record the accomplishment of that feat while enjoying the view at Lake Bennett.

Having grown fond of these fine works of leather I decided it was time to upgrade my wallet and I contacted Brian about having a custom piece made. Brian really goes the extra mile, consulting with you each step of the way. Starting with choosing the leather, selecting options, and even the thread color. I choose to go with the Pioneer Wallet a simple bi-fold as I wanted to downsize from a tri-fold.

The wallet was beautifully packaged with the same care that went into its construction

From mass market tri-fold to custom bi-fold

Just the right amount of space

10|40 leather is named for the 10|40 window which refers to the region of world between between 10 degrees south latitude and 40 degrees north latitude. This region of the planet especially in Africa and Asia is known to have the most un-reached people groups in the world. Un-reached groups are those groups that have little or no Christian witness among them. A portion of each sale supports mission efforts in this region.

If you are looking for unique hand crafted leather goods for yourself or for a gift get in touch with Brian at 10|40 Leather, you will be pleased with the result.

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