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Iceland Road Trip part 2

Our Final 10 days found us on the road, driving more and hiking less. Along the way, we found some wonderful places and had fantastic experiences.

The Snæfellsnes Penisula

Considered the most photographed mountain in Iceland, Kirkjufell

Headed North

August 1-2, 2021

It was really strange to spend so much time in the car. I think in 48 hours we didn't walk more than 5 miles. A travel day and car travel have dominated the time. We took a little stroll to the top of the hill behind a campsite. This hill appears to be an experimental forest. It even includes some Alaskan varieties. You will also find Sitka Spruce in managed forests in Scotland.

Akureyri area

Outside of Akureyriwe camped and made a visit to Hrisey Island and finished off the day with a soak in a beer bath.

We made our way through Husavik and completed the Diamond Circle.

Along the way, we found a hike or two, at this point we were starting to think about heading home.

We spent the remainder of our trip on the Reykjanes Peninsula.

We completed a night hike to the active volcano, climb an old volcano near the Bule Lagoon, and of course, finished our Iceland adventures at the Blue Lagoon before flying home.

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