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How about Tucson?

How about Tucson?


This is exactly how it went. We had just realized that we had a companion ticket to use or lose, and our employer finally loosened quarantine mandates for those fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Not to mention we were two weeks away from spring break.

Cagey. There is no other word to explain how we were feeling. Both Roy and I were plain cagey. Why Tucson? Why not?

Our criteria was pretty simple. 1) Let’s get off of this island! 2) Let’s be smart and stay away from the normal touristy places because social distancing is still a thing 3) It should be somewhere warm. Hot would be ok too. 4) Somewhere we have not been. 5) Somewhere we can hike all day and then find a taco truck. Let’s be honest, we will need to find some breweries too. 6) Let’s not spend a ton of money; just in case Italy opens up this summer to American travelers.

We still have reservations for Belgium, The Mullerthal trail in Luxemburg, chilling in Malta, the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, and the Dolomites in Italy, But COVID continues to keep an international question mark over any plans we have. With this in mind, we opted to use our discounted tickets and plan a savvy economical trip with sun, hikes, breweries, wineries, tapas, and new experiences.

With hours on Youtube, AllTrails, Trip Advisor, and more we have come up with the following tentative itinerary. Join as we explore the 48th state and shake off our Alaskan winter in preparation for an epic summer, in Europe or here in the U.S.

Day 1- Bear Canyon to Seven Falls

Bear Canyon/ Seven Falls trail

8.5 Miles

This day will be topped off with a sunset hike up Tumamoc Hill

Tumamoc Hill

3.1 Miles

Day 2- Blackett's Ridge

6 miles

Day two will continue with The Loop. Tucson has added a series of walking/biking paths that circle the community. The inner loop is a 53 miles trail that allows you to enjoy a taste of Tucson. The great news for us is the availability of rental bicycles throughout the city. Tugo bike share allows for site-to-site or hourly rentals of bikes that are suitable for completing the inner loop.

Day Three-Phoenix, FlatIron Mountain, and the Wave Cave.

5.5 miles and 3 miles

Siphon Draw

Day 4- Chiricahua National Monument

9.5 Miles, The Big Loop

After exploring the amazing formations we plan on Tapas at Coronado Vineyards . Near Wilcox, Arizona.

Day 5- Mount Wrightson 11-12 miles

Day 5 brings a physical challenge with rewarding views stretching across borders. Just shy of 9500 feet this trail brings the views along with the altitude.

Day 6 Bridal Wreath Falls Trail Saguaro National Park. 5.7 miles

After a final stretch of the legs in the desert, we will wind down in preparation for our evening flight by visiting the Pima Air and Space Museum.

It is definitely a week packed full of sites, sounds, taste, and trails. Other places recommended to us include:

Arizona Brew House

El Charro Cafe

What are your recommendations for the Tucson area?

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