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Home and beyond

When the world is closed you can still move your feet.

Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that people actually spend large amounts of money to spend time visiting our home. Having developed a habit of spending time away from our island it was good to remind ourselves of the beauty and opportunity that stretched out before us.

Termination Point

It is easy to lament loss. We choose a different path this summer. We laced up our boots, both work and trail, and created new adventures right near home. We did escape to Michigan to visit family and explore new locales but most of our energy and our travel funds were poured into upgrading our 40-year-old home.

The following photos, videos, and blog posts speak for themselves.

Wildflowers, Waves, and Peaks

Heitman Mountain

Heitman Mountain

Tony Knowles Coastal Trail

In addition to local hiking, we made our first visit to Michigan to visit our Daughter and Son in Law.

A day on the water was refreshing.

The local harvest was bountiful.

And we capped off the summer by completing some long overdue home repairs including new flooring.

We are hopefully planning for 2021 adventures, but for now, we are enjoying our local adventures and the blessing of a welcoming home.

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