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Choosing Boots for 2020

Experience, and bargains can lead to the best boot choice.

I follow a number of Facebook groups that are centered on hiking and long distance walking. Currently, my focus is on groups covering the Camino Portuguese and the West Highland Way. This summer we will be walking both routes.

One of the most common questions I see is, "What footwear do you recommend for this trail?" The unfortunate reality of this question is that footwear has too many variables to give a proper recommendation.

Consider the following:

Put miles in your footwear before a trip.

Select footwear that provides the support you need.

Choose footwear suitable for the expected weather of your trip.

Try your footwear in all the conditions you might expect to walk in.

Consider a quality or custom insert.

Look for bargains.

Below I discus the process that brought me to my boot choice for the 2020 season.

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